pcc pole Manufacturing

Pcc poles

Concrete, the basic ingredient in our products is a construction material that consists of cement, aggregate (generally gravel and sand) and water.

Concrete solidifies and hardens after mixing and placement due to a chemical process known as hydration. The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together, eventually creating a stone-like material.

PCC Poles are essentially made of concrete which are inevitably less costly and more economically maintainable than the conventional steel poles. PCC Poles was one of the first ventures of our company and we are the leading manufacturers in Northern India catering to all over India.

The company has attained specialization in the production of PCC Poles having over 30 years of experience in the same and is well equipped with the standardized plant and machinery. The poles manufactured conform to the IS Standard. It offers a wide variety of poles which includes 8M, 8.5M, 9M and 11M which have been, from time to time, customized as per the requirements of its customers.

The elegant appearance of the pole with its smooth light grey finish which is unique, creates a uniformly smooth impervious finish. Lighting poles are made to a standard specification, however strengths and lengths can be designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements. Srcil’s poles are manufactured with an integral earthing system which consist of quality ferrules which are flushed with the outside of the pole, enabling an electrical connection to all the poles reinforcing wire

Srcil's cast concrete masts have many advantages because they are

  • Maintenance free
  • Do not require expensive foundations
  • Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly
  • Resistant to vandalism and theft because they have no scrap value
  • Resistant to fire
  • Resistant to rust
  • Standard in dimensions
  • Rectangular profile is easy to stack
  • Poles will not corrode or rot
  • Weight of poles discourages theft