Power Transformers

Power Transformers

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General Specifications

Power transformers are used to reduce medium voltage to low voltage. RK INDUSTRIES produces Power transformers from 1 MVA to 10 MVA

  • Power transformers are ordered as single or three-phase
  • Power transformers are produced with ONAN (oil-natural air–natural) cooling systems
  • Power transformers are produced as open to atmosphere with the conservator, sealed to the atmosphere, hermetically related with gas cushion
  • Power transformers are provided with off-loading tap changers or on-load tap changers
  • Power transformers are available with the cable box or protection box
  • Power transformers are manufactured with bushings made of ceramic insulators or made of resin type plugin bushings

Coils of distribution transformers

Copper or aluminum is used as the conductor for low voltage coils. Coils are made of foil or the rectangular section paper. If coils are made of foil, the layers are insulated using a thermally upgraded paper (DDP) as well as covering made of DDP resin . Copper and aluminum conductor are used for high voltage coils as per the request of the customer. The special structure of layer isolation increases resistance to impulse voltage and helps void-free, solid and high-quality coils production. In other words a coil of an excellent quality.


Cores of transformers are made of cold rolled grain oriented silicon steel. Cores are produced by high-quality sheets. Core sheet is chosen based on low losses values requested by the customer. Sheets are aligned as free of burrs.

Active Component and Cover

Installation of core, coil and cover is designed as to improve the resistance to short circuit forces. Cover for the active parts of standard transformers is mounted to the tank by screws. The other way is the direct mounting of the active component. Fixing parts of cover, high voltage isolators, and spark gaps are made of stainless steel or anti-corrosion, special dye coated materials. Isolators (bushings), accessories, protection box or cable box is mounted on the cover optionally or to the side wall of the transformer.


Tank and covers are made of steel of different sizes depending on the capacity of transformers Radiators are used for cooling surfaces. Following the welding operation, the tank should be subject to oil leakage test. For this reason, every tank is pressurized following the production. It is possible to incorporate bushings of cover in a box made of the sheet .Cable box can be mounted on the sides of the tank.


The color of transformers is as standard. Transformers are painted by dipping or spraying method. Paint method is chosen as per the request of the customer and operation conditions of the transformer. We can offer various film thickness for different applications (zinc coating) optionally or transformers in different colors.

Drying and Oil Filling

The active component of transformers (core, coil, cover) are dried in furnaces under high vacuum. The drying process varies on type, power and volume of the transformer. Oil filling is carried out under high vacuum.


Accessories used to protect Power transformer will be provided as per desired specifications or customer requirement.

  • Single phase three star rated and above manufacturing transformers. (AMPHOROUS/CRGO)
  • Three phase three star rated and above manufacturing transformers. (AMPHOROUS/CRGO)